Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Follow Our Inspirations

Today was the First Day with a one and half  year old in our Art Class!
"We" are the CHOICES Program is District 70s independent study (home schoolers) in the Alberni Valley (Port Alberni BC).

Here we will be putting photos of our work and people pictures too!
Everyone in the class will have acess to the blog and will post t hings as they see fit.
So get ready for our exciting new project!

You will meet our  "Sacred Bottle". In January we will decide on a name for it.
You will see how HUGE our canvases are!
You will see dates of where our work can be viewed.
Feb 1 to the 19th at Echo springs to mind!

So this is the official HELLO WoRLD! from us the Oak Artists of Port Alberni BC.


  1. Guess I should say I go by 'Mystery' on the internet..its Jessi

  2. Hello "Roo"
    Glad to see You!
    Have you any scans of your art/ waskally wabbit for the World to see?

  3. Nope. Scanner doesn't like to pick up pale pictures so the little bunny looks all washed out. In other words, little bunny looks bad.

  4. Washed out bunny=bad.
    Let's try the one at school shall we?
    Great to see you tried none the less!
    See you very very soon "Roo"

  5. Oh wow you quick!
    It's the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Tatters cat.